Welcome. I am glad you are here! Whether you have been through counseling before or this is your first time, the process begins wherever you are and takes you wherever you want to go. Clarity starts now.

Individuals and couples have relied on my practice for more than two decades to help them through the process of changing the things that don’t work and creating new things that work better. You can be the next to discover the life that is waiting for you.

Chances are that you have many successes under your belt already. Let’s make whatever isn’t successful work as well as everything else. I’m ready. Are you?

Couples Counseling

Have you and your partner been running up against the same arguments time and time again? 

Anxiety Treatment

Have you spent months mulling over a decision or a worry only to end up doing practically nothing about it?

Depression Treatment

Do you often feel dissatisfied with your life? Have you found yourself dwelling on past mistakes or disappointment?