Couples Counseling

My time with couples is fascinatingly transformational. I have seen even the most tangled dynamics smooth over and I have seen people fall back madly in love. I have also seen relationships smoothly end if that became the best choice. The dance of intimacy is tricky and is by its nature rocky and uneven. Our oldest wounds surface with the very people our subconscious believes it can be healed by. But because they are such old wounds, they trigger old habits and patterns that get in the way and thwart our progress. Our work in counseling together focuses on identifying these and cultivating new habits and patterns that fit with who you are now, who you want to be, and how you aspire to be loved in whatever ways truly work for you.

The situations couples come in wanting to talk about vary and are unique, but a common theme is frustration with the relationship, for whatever reason that may have started. That said, I help with a really wide range of topics and concerns:

  • Sexual concerns, lack of intimacy
  • Misunderstandings, fighting
  • Infidelity, affairs
  • Premarital or divorce counseling
  • Making decisions
  • Money concerns
  • Ethical non-monogamy, polyamory

Along the way my clients report many or all of these benefits of our work together:

  • Better communication
  • Deeper intimacy
  • Loving sense of connection
  • Empathy and desire
  • Easier time relating
  • Having more fun

If you think I can help you, you’re probably right. Email me at or call me at (206) 979-6764 and let’s schedule a time to meet.

I offer Counseling for individuals as well.

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