Couples Relationship Counseling

You have had the same fight over and over. You can’t seem to move past something. You find yourself saying to one another that you need help with your communication. I get it. I have been in the place of loving someone so much and feeling powerless to get our messages between the two of us. And I have also been in the place of moving through that and falling even more madly in love with my partner. The essence of relationships is working through whatever comes up that does not work. Relationships are vehicles for change. And I can help you figure out how to drive yours. 

Relationships fall into problem areas when our stuff contacts their stuff. Basically our oldest times of being hurt magically show up to inform of us how terrible our partner is for doing that infuriating thing they do. (which is really just an indication of how much we have pain.) We love the people we love because deep down our minds know that this is the person who can help us heal all the things that hurt us when we were too young to be able to change things. But unlocking that means having someone by your side to help shape those interactions so those healing moments really do happen. That’s what  I do.

Couples that like working with me come in with various things they want to talk about. The most common thing is frustration with the relationship for all sorts of reasons. I help with a wide range of topics and concerns:

  • Sexual concerns, lack of intimacy
  • Misunderstandings, fighting, arguments
  • Infidelity, affairs
  • Premarital or divorce counseling
  • Making decisions
  • Money concerns
  • Ethical non-monogamy, polyamory

These things start to show up when we work together:

  • Better communicationCouples Counseling in Seattle, WA
  • Deeper intimacy
  • Loving sense of connection
  • Empathy and desire
  • Easier time relating
  • Having more fun

If you think I can help you, you are right. I trust that you know what guidance you’re looking for. And you’ve found it. Email me at or call me at (206) 979-6764 and let’s schedule a time to meet.

I have training in both EFT and Gottman Method, though my main style of therapy is a relational psychoanalytic psychotherapy style.

All sessions are currently virtual via secure video or telephone as a means to help protect the health of everyone during this phase of the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

I offer Counseling for Individuals as well.

My office is in the Eastlake area of Seattle, on the east side of Lake Union, just west of Capitol Hill, north of South Lake Union, and south of the University District and Wallingfor/Fremont.

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