Directions to 2366 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 417, Seattle, WA 98102:

From I-5 Southbound, take Exit 168A. You will merge onto Boylston Ave by default. At the light, turn right on Roanoke. Then turn left when you get to Eastlake Avenue. Our building is located at the southeast corner of Louisa and Eastlake.

From I-5 Northbound, take Exit 168A. Turn left onto Lakeview Boulevard. This road will meander a bit and continue on to become Boylston Ave. Turn left at Lynn and then turn right at Eastlake Avenue. The Areis Building is located just past the Starbucks on the right (east) side of the street.

From 520 Westbound, follow signs toward Roanoke. Turn left onto Roanoke (the light after exiting 520) and go straight down the hill past the traffic light (stop if it’s red 😉 ), and turn left on Eastlake Avenue. The building will be on the left (east) side of the street with an Italian restaurant on the ground floor level.

Parking and finding Suite 417:

Franklin (parallel to Eastlake Ave) and Louisa generally have plenty of short-term parking, though with the new housing construction underway that has been somewhat limited lately. If on the very off chance that neither of them have parking, Boylston and Eastlake will have spots also but they’re harder to find. Just be sure to check the signs near where you park. Near the school, buses have the right to park during specified hours, and many of the signs limit your parking time to 2 hours. No one tends to have much trouble finding parking for sessions, but please give yourself a few extra minutes in your travel time to find parking if it would otherwise add stress for you. The suite has a waiting room inside so if you end up getting there early, you’ll have a place to relax prior to our session.

Suite 417 is on the fourth floor, toward the north of the building on the west side (the lake side). The main door from Eastlake Avenue leads to the first floor, where you can either take the stairs up three flights or the elevator. The main door from the rear of the building (accessed from the open-air tenant parking lot) leads to the second floor. There is a small waiting room with a couch inside the door of 417. Make yourself as comfortable as you can. I will come out to greet you at our session time. Please don’t knock on the door as I may still be in session with another client.