Forms for our first appointment

There are two different forms I ask from you for our first appointment. The first form is information you can provide to me about you. Please fill this out to the level of your comfort. The second form includes information about me and my practice (and is quite thorough – don’t fret, it’s all standard and I can answer any questions about it if that would help).

Please note that if you are a couple, I request that you *each* bring in a copy of the New Client Form. So, individual-clients will bring in two total forms (one of each) and couple-clients will bring in three total forms (one of the first and two of the New Client Form – one for each person).

Please print out, sign/initial and bring the following forms for our first session:

New Client Form

Notice of Privacy Practices and Disclosure Statement

Optional Release of Information Form:

Release of Information Form (optional)