Individual Counseling

Deciding to come to therapy involves different goals and intentions for every person. Therapy with me respects and reflects those differences. I consider our therapy relationship to be a living breathing entity that changes and morphs in the ways that your needs change as you grow and shift in the process of our time together. That’s done with coordinated effort between us – I listen and try to hear you and to understand how our time impacts you, and you describe your experiences as best you can. Feedback between us is essential for us figuring out together how to best serve you and your interests. (I can help lead you in giving feedback if you are unsure how, too.)

I work from many different theories and orientations, but most importantly I work from a relational standpoint. That means I see you in the here and now, and I pay special attention to how our interactions can give us special information about you. The process is life-giving and exciting and I help to make it feel safe, respectful, and clear. I also work from a systems orientation. What that means is that I see you as a unique reflection of all the environments and situations you are in currently and those that are in your past. Where others may see you as having a problem, I see you as being the output of many different situations (some that may have been problematic).

My expertise is in working with you when you are experiencing anxiety and depression, but more often I work with people who just feel overwhelmed, depleted, and like things aren’t making as much sense anymore. Basically, my specialty is helping you find clarity, purpose, relief, and happiness.

  • Anxiety, stress, worrying, overwhelm
  • Sadness, feeling down, confusion
  • Dating concerns, relationships ending or beginning
  • Relationship/intimacy problems – sexual and emotional
  • Career/work questions, life transitions
  • Feeling disappointed, angry, or frustrated

You may be surprised how quickly things start to feel better. My clients often report feeling lighter after each session.

When you’re ready to get in touch, call me at (206) 979-6764 or email me at If you prefer, I’m open to spend 10-15 minutes over the phone without charge so we can sense a flavor of what our work together might be like.

My office is in the Eastlake area of Seattle, on the east side of Lake Union, just west of Capitol Hill, north of South Lake Union, and south of the University District and Wallingford/Fremont. I also offer couples counseling.

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