Workshops and Groups

Couples Communication Workshop:

Date: End of April, 2012
Location: Eastlake OR Wallingford
Cost: donation of $60 per couple
Length: 3 hours
Registration: Required
Contact: (206)979-6764 or holt.counseling[at]

We will offer experiential training in effective communication. In other words, you will practice and learn new ways of communicating to help you and your partner understand and relate better to one another. The intent is to help you and your partner experience better relating. While the group is aimed at couples, but you will not need to arrive with your partner nor do you even need to be partnered. These skills can be used with ANY relationship.
This workshop is co-led by Jason Foster, MA and Julie Holt, MA

Women’s Anxiety Support Group:

Not currently open at this time. Please send an email for inquiry if you’re interested in the next 8-week group.

Are you worried and wishing you could settle your anxiety? Meet up with other women experiencing similar problems in an 8-week support group led by an experienced, empathic, warm and patient counselor. You will learn techniques and gain peace of mind. Email me at julie@julieholtcounseling[dot]com or call (206)979-6764 to reserve a spot.
This is also a great option for any woman who wants help with her anxiety, but who isn’t yet sure about committing to one on one therapy.
The types of anxiety this is focused on include:

  • Social anxiety and social fear
  • Generalized anxiety and general fear/worry
  • Panic attacks and panic disorder
  • Any anxiety or worry that interferes with having what you want

This support group is led by Julie Holt, MA

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