About Julie Holt

My name is Julie Holt (pronouns she and her) and I am a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), also called a psychotherapist or therapist. My experience began twenty one years ago with the King County Crisis Clinic, then with Seattle’s Shanti program for end-of-life counseling, and then with Compass Health as a psychotherapist. Currently, I enjoy working in my private practice as a therapist seeing individuals and couples and have for many years.

I graduated from LIOS, a former part of Bastyr University, with my Master of Arts degree in Psychology with a specialization in Systems Counseling. Since that time I have stayed active in the community. I am a former President of the Seattle Counselors Association. I regularly engage in consultations and professional development, and I believe that the deeper I go with my own work the deeper I can help you with yours. I continue committing personally and professionally to lifelong in-depth personal growth and I approach that in ways that intentionally keep my awareness growing and shifting.

I understand and embrace the ways that self-exploration and authenticity give me the life I want and I know how to help you find ways to get the same thing. I have rich and deep friendships, sweet and nourishing romance, and loving and supportive family, all of which I have worked to cultivate and maintain. My hobbies and outside activities fulfill my desires for creativity, stimulation, and positive impact on others. My work satisfies my desire for professional engagement that helps change the world for the better. Each person’s life dreams and goals look different and are achieved in different ways, and I know how to help you unlock the ways to get there.

I cherish the trust you place with me when we work together. I will bring all of me to our time in the service of helping you get the life you want. Call or email when you want to engage with me and we can set up a time to meet in person.

Call at (206) 979-6764 or email at julie@julieholtcounseling.com

I offer individual counseling and couples counseling.

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