About Julie Holt

Julie Holt, MA, LMHC, Counselor in Seattle, WA

My name is Julie Holt (she/her) and I am a licensed mental health counselor. I have a two decade long history of helping people ready to break out of their habitual patterns and find new vibrant ways of living that truly serve them and give them what they want.

I graduated from LIOS, a school that was dedicated to experiential learning that blasted away blocks individual clinicians had in a way that prepared us for the very real task of helping people like you.

I am constantly engaging in professional development and my own personal therapy and supervision to keep me in top shape for helping you with everything you bring to me. Every day of my life is a new opportunity for me to learn how to better help you get unstuck and get on with the life you want to have. I know how to do this and have a proven track record for making it happen for all types of people. I know what it takes to be thrilled to be alive and that’s because I know what works and I know how to stop what keeps people stuck in boring, lifeless, patterns that make them unhappy.

Do you want these things?:

  • rich and deep friendships
  • sweet, nourishing, delightful romance
  • loving and supportive family
  • hot sex and sensuality
  • good sleep, restful evenings
  • peace and ease
  • belonging, purpose

You do? Good, because I know how to help you get them.

Each person’s life dreams and goals look different and are achieved in different ways, and I know how to help you unlock the ways to get there.

Get in touch and let’s get started with the next part of your life. The part you want.

Call at (206) 979-6764 or click the button below to send me an email. 

I offer Individual Counseling and Couples Counseling.

My office is in the Eastlake area of Seattle, on the east side of Lake Union, just west of Capitol Hill, north of South Lake Union, and south of the University District and Wallingford/Fremont. All sessions are currently conducted via Doxy and Google Meet, so none of us pass coronavirus between us.

Ready to take the next step on your journey to wellness?